Love Without End, Amen (Brave Every Day)

2015-09-17-09.44.31 (1)Maybe I’m not a fan of standard mathematics because I prefer God’s version.

Where 5 stones+1 boy=1 felled giant
and 5 loaves+2 fish=more than 5000 fed
and Grace>Sin

Which is why I love Momastery Love Flash Mob days. Where lots of people each give a little money to make one humongous difference. And always for the purpose of spreading Love — especially to those who just haven’t gotten much of it in their lives to this point.

I had been struggling to know what to write today. Struggling to express any intelligent feeling at all.

So I’m going to borrow my brave from the midwives in Haiti today. And the mamas fighting for their babies. And the babies fighting for their next breath. And for all the love and dollars we can muster. (So go Flash Mob of Worth, please.)

For all of us who need a reminder of our Unsurpassable Worth. Unsurpassable. Like infinity.

Because Love divided always comes back multiplied. Always.


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