When God Showed up in My Kitchen

kitchen-cabinet-clean-200364123-001-resizedI did not expect cleaning my kitchen to be a spiritual experience.

But as I began to empty the shelves and inventory the spices, I could not help but know I was not alone.

Pandora will tell you its online radio station uses sophisticated algorithms to determine a playlist. I know better. On that unsuspecting Saturday, it was the Holy Spirit singing — literally singing — over me.

Words about His sufficiency. His all-consuming love. Invitations to know Him more. To live in His grace.

Everything I need. Immeasurably more. Life from dry bones. Making me brave.

And there between the crumbs and the casserole dishes,  as the Tupperware soaked in the kitchen sink, my soul began to absorb the message, too.

That I have confused the volume of stuff in my cabinets with the weight of my worthiness. That more things can be the exact opposite of more joy. That letting go of what is no longer needed doesn’t mean it was a waste.

I mingled in the mystery of How I dwell with Him as He dwells in me and how He loves hanging out in my kitchen on a Saturday afternoon.

As I sorted and tossed and uncovered and built a pile for Goodwill, He was there. Not on the other side of my mess waiting for me to get my act together, but near me. At my side, working with me to make something new. Something simple. A space uncluttered and without distraction.

In my kitchen. And in my soul.


Linking this reflection of Small Wonder with my friend and fellow blogger, Kelly Chripczuk, who has recently launched a Community of blogging Beauty Hunters at her site. So grateful for the reminder that our Big God shows himself in the most amazing small ways.

12 thoughts on “When God Showed up in My Kitchen

  1. God shows up in the ordinary moments and does extraordinary things. Thanks for sharing this one!
    Kristin Hill Taylor recently posted…What’s in a Name? The Story of BenMy Profile

    • Don’t you just love when He does that, Kristin!?!

  2. Beth, visiting from the Small Wonder link up. I think it’s so interesting that the ‘cleaning up’ and organinzing we do of a physical space often leads to some inside work as well.

    Body, soul and spirit–yep, they’re connected.
    Wise words here.

    • Yes. Everything is spiritual, isn’t it? Thanks for your comment, Jody.

  3. Some of my best moments with God are in the middle of something very ordinary. It’s like He uses what I’m doing that moment, something very familiar to me, to show me and teach me something extraordinarily profound. At least it’s extraordinarily profound for me and my life.

    • Don’t you just love how He wants to hang out with us in the middle of our lives. Just as we are. Thank you for your words, Joanna.

  4. He tells us that he is doing a new thing. So thankful that you saw it and that you shared.
    Natalie recently posted…A Great Deal of GoodMy Profile

    • Always a new thing, Natalie. Always, and Amen.

  5. “That letting go of what is no longer needed doesn’t mean it was a waste.”
    What a freeing observation!
    I love the image of God with Us that you paint here – one of true communion. Moments like these help us remember God is, truly, so good. Thanks Beth.
    Kelly Chripczuk recently posted…Small Wonder Link-upMy Profile

    • Indeed, Kelly, these moments are so very precious. I pray I do not miss them.

  6. I too am convinced what Pandora, or even my iTunes on shuffle brings up has more to do with the Holy Spirit! God speaks over me and to me through music and I love the “randomness” of how that happens.
    Carol Longenecker Hiestand recently posted…Missing Baby JesusMy Profile

    • I guess I should be surprised that I still get surprised at how personal God is with us. Always the right message at the right time. Thank you for being here, Carol.

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