We waited. He came. Now what?

Among the trash bags filled with wrapping paper and Internet searches for leftover ham recipes, a different air hangs around the house. A deflated sense of Now What.

Two days ago the mood was wonder — what is in those boxes beneath the tree. Anticipation — anything could happen. Longing — Come, thou long-expected Jesus.

And come He did. In squeals and sparkles and over-stuffed stockings. In carols and cookies and cups of cocoa. In Legos and love and logs on the fire.

He has come.
He is here.

And it’s this part we forget to prepare for.

It reminds me of the first night home with our brand-new baby boy. After years of longing and aching and empty arms followed by months of maternity clothes and nursery prep and name debating, he was here. I’d read all the books but still didn’t really know what to do. So we took turns sitting by the crib watching him breath. Slowly you make adjustments and settle into a new kind of life. But one not ever the same. Because he is here.

Three decades after his birth, the question would be asked, “What shall I do with Jesus?”

It’s worth considering your answer today.
We waited. He came. Now what?

New toys will be old news before the calendar page is turned.  But the magic of Christmas need not wear off.

Like Mary, we would do well to keep all these things in our heart and ponder them.

Because the baby came. But He has not left. He never will.

So as we return to “normal” — Back to work. Back to laundry. Back to non-reindeer songs on the radio. — my heart holds fast to the baby in the manger. May the celebration of his coming become an invitation to meet with him every day.

He has come.
He is here.

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  1. Oh how I LOVED this!

  2. Beautiful Beth:)

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