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Vacation Happy Thoughts

You know I’m on the hunt to Find Beauty every day.

But on a cruise ship to the Bahamas with your 2 favorite people in the world, beauty just pours from every corner! 

  • A road trip that starts before sunrise
  • Breakfast out
  • Naps in the car
  • A 70 degree day in January
  • Christian’s exclamations of “Awesome!”
  • Childhood amazement at an aircraft carrier
  • Touring a sub with a Navy Seaman who served on it
  • Pelicans
  • Sailboats
  • The Charleston, SC bridge
  • History you can still touch
  • That I don’t have to sleep in a triple bunk
  • Remembering when a Coke was a nickel
  • Photo opportunities all over the place!
  • Anticipating a great vacation
  • “Dude”
  • Raiding hotel vending machines
  • Kids Eat Free restaurants
  • Room Service
  • An Amazing Broncos Playoff Win
  • Waking up everyone in the hotel with your Overtime celebration
  • Cruise Day!
  • Mom & Pop delis
  • A morning in Charleston
  • “Dad & I are buddies until the end of the world. Which could be this year.”
  • Seeing the ship in port
  • Dolphins in the harbor
  • Funny diving seabirds
  • Trying (& liking) new foods
  • Lots of Rest
  • Lots of Play
  • diet desserts that taste good
  • Christian’s super cool pull-down bed
  • A full moon over an open ocean
  • Teaching Christian to spot Orion in the sky
  • Sleeping on a ship
  • An old Indian woman eating ice cream on a deck chair
  • Nothing but ocean on every side
  • All day for play
  • Not needing to know what time it is
  • Time to read and a good book in hand
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Getting dressed up
  • A formal family photo
  • Indulgent foods — once in a while
  • Fruit Loops in a china dish
  • On deck before sun-up
  • Sunrise over Nassau
  • Atlantis
  • Aquariums
  • Watching fish move – deliberate, but effortless
  • Baby sting rays
  • Clear blue/green seas
  • A water slide on a cruise ship — not just for kids!
  • Naps on the beach
  • Conch shacks
  • snorkeling
  • Nothing but the sound of my own breath
  • A Bahamian sings Lady Antebellum
  • Watching Christian make good choices with the trip $$ he saved up
  • Meeting the people who handmade your souvenirs
  • A shower after the beach
  • Rosy cheeks after a day in the sun
  • Dad braves the waterslide. Christian could not be more thrilled.
  • Running out of room in on your week’s gratitude list spot and writing in the margins
  • Tropical plants
  • Fountains in the Atlantis resort
  • A Lego Atlantis toy bought AT Atlantis
  • Towel Animals
  • A riot of color in the Bahamian market
  • Thom asking if “I Found Beauty” today
  • Unique flora in other parts of the world
  • The motion of the ocean
  • Umbrella drinks
  • A date on a ship
  • Beatles music
  • A Filipino Beatles Cover Band – Awesome!
  • A room full of adults with glow sticks and “Hey Jude”
  • Playing Monopoly as a family (on a ship)
  • An umbrella in your milk
  • Singing & Dancing waiters
  • A massage therapist from Macedonia who calls  your shoes “flippers”
  • A facial – on a ship
  • 7 complete days with my 2 favorite people on the planet
  • Perfect January getaway weather
  • Almost 500 photos and knowing it would take 5 million more to really show all the highlights
  • Looking forward to another one … someday

One Response to “Vacation Happy Thoughts”

  1. Katherine says:

    Beth, I have finally read your post. SOOO glad it was a BEAUTIFUL trip. I do want to see the pictures – yes, all 500!!

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