Tuesdays are Ok for Do-Overs, Too (Sugar Sober Series)

Yesterday was a Monday. The kind that has nothing to do with the page on the calendar and everything to do a rough re-entry after a gravity-free weekend. The kind that never would have been able to sustain the standard “I’m starting on Monday” mentality.

A complete disinterest in trading a warm bed for the cold world. A missed school bus. A skipped breakfast. A canine ear infection leading me to the vet’s office for the 2nd time in six weeks and the memory that last time I left without our sweet, but aged Husky. A customer with complete disregard for our procedures or my personal day.

So by the time my stomach reminded me it had been ignored, I was at the point where I would usually input sugar in one form or another. Because, of course, I deserved a treat.

Knowing my commitment to this challenge and all of you, it was honestly not too hard to brush off that thought. Probably because only a nanosecond later came this one:

How much food can I put in my mouth that is NOT sugar?

I’m not much of a rule-breaker. I couldn’t lie to you if I fell off the sugar wagon. But just how close could I get to the line without going over?

Clearly, this is a problem. And it’s much bigger than sugar.

I’ve known that. I have. Filling my feelings with food can never be my answer.

Today, it still is. More than I’d like to admit.

I wish I could tell you I made a healthy lunch choice. But I didn’t. I even upsized. And it wasn’t anything close to worth it.

Maybe for Monday it’s enough to have noticed the way the enemy attacked. Scratched, but not fatally wounded, on Tuesday I will be better prepared for the battle.


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