There’s Only One Size of Brave (Brave Every Day)


There are many varieties of brave. But only one size.

Every brave is big.

That’s one of the things I’ve discovered during October. During the Brave Every Day series. During write (most) every day. During reflecting on the word brave. My own and that of others.

Getting out of bed in the morning. Brave.
Sharing your story. Brave.
Listening with out Speaking. Brave.
Trying something new. Brave.
Forgiving yourself for being stuck. Brave.
Asking for help. Brave.
Admitting you need a different kind of help. Brave.
Giving help. Brave.
Saying No. Brave.
Saying Yes. Brave.

They are all Brave. They are all Big.

There is no possible way to NOT be Brave Every Day.

Living is Brave.