The Student is Ready

“When the student is ready, the master will appear.” Oh, how this has been true for me over the last weeks as I have desired, then determined to live more intentionally — more wholeheartedly. In fact, I can hardly read fast enough or journal long enough or create enough blog posts to even begin to reach more than just the tip of inspiration that has been flooded my way. Most definitely, when you are ready to be quiet enough, the messages you need will come.

And, in my experience, they come in wave after wave of awe.

Here’s an example. Ali Edwards & I were colleagues back in my publishing days. Ali is one of those people I enjoyed running into during conventions because her energy is contagious and her authenticity is crystal clear. She’s honest about the imperfect, but wonderful life she lives. Plus, she’s almost always smiling. So it was really fun to see her name on the back of my new favorite book (as you know by now, Brene’ Brown’s Gifts of Imperfection.) Turns out Ali & Brene’ are friends, too. Why am I not surprised! Kolette Hall was another of my scrapbook industry friends. We met when Kolette & her brother were starting a scrapbooking company and I, as an editor, was in a position to help them get the word out. But she clearly was never trying to use me as a connection, just a friend. Kolette writes a blog I love: The Art of Choosing Joy — and the title is true to the life she leads. If anyone had the right to choose anything but joy, it would be Kolette. But she doesn’t. I love and admire her more than she will ever know for that!

So when Kolette wrote about Ali’s One Little Word idea, it was the Perfect Storm of Inspiration.

One Little Word works like this. Pick one word that you want to focus on, study, reflect upon, learn about in the New Year. Then watch and see what this word can teach you. I have a pretty good feeling that it, too, will be an experience of finding strength and learning and surprise and delight in places I never expected simply because I started looking.

So my word for 2011 is … Courage. What’s yours?

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