The Goal is Peace

Have you seen the Special K commercial where women nervously step on a very public, very big scale? Scared of what they will see, they are instead rewarded by a scale reading “pride” and “courage” and “confidence.” LOVE IT! And it reminded me of a segment I heard on the radio earlier this week. I caught it in the middle, so I don’t even know who was speaking or the topic of the show, but I turned it on just in time to hear these words, “The goal is not a number. The goal is peace.”

It’s so easy to let the number on the scale determine my mood. Yes, I need the numbers to go down. Today’s number is not healthy. But I have learned over the years that I run the risk of becoming obsessive about my food, whether I’m eating a lot of it or staying away from it. Counting calories, tracking points, measuring workout minutes … for me, those are just substitutes for stuffing my face. They are both means of keeping my focus on the food. And whether I am worrying about what to eat next or what not to eat, the mental energy spent on food is a waste.

To me, “the goal is peace” means to have grace for myself in this area of my life, too. It means that even as I strive to be healthier – move more and eat less – the worry, the obsession, the measuring has to go. Instead I will measure my progress in pride, courage, confidence, and peace.

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  1. Very well said, my friend. I know what you’re saying. Like you, I’ve been struggling a lot with my weight gain. I think peace and self acceptance are wonderful goals to hold onto and strive for. Thanks for the reminder!

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