Putting My Foot Down

1112Oh, Satan. You think you’re so crafty. “Prowling like a lion looking for someone to devour.” Picking on the weak. Speaking your lies into already broken hearts.

It’s just dirty, rotten, no-good talk. The stench of it fills hearts – homes – nations.

And too many have yet to learn how to sniff it out for what it is. Lies. LIES! So let me help them out.

You have NO AUTHORITY here! And I declare you have NO AUTHORITY in our hearts – our homes – our nations.

For “the God of peace will soon crush you under our feet.” OUR feet. Your whispers and mind games belong under our heels. Pulverized. Exposed. Silenced.

Because there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Because we ARE loved and loveable because HE loves us.

Because God is close to the brokenhearted. And where He is, you — oh, you, ugly Father of Lies — cannot survive.

So prowl no more near here. You’re trespassing on Holy Ground. Prepare to be crushed.

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    Power of the Word! Love this Beth!

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