In place of lists of resolutions, One Word provides focus for all areas of your life. I have found nothing more powerful in keeping my motives in check, my mind on point, and my soul continuously restored than having One Word each year and letting The Spirit unfold it around me in unexpected ways.

There are many across the world who have adopted the same practice, and I am forever grateful to Ali Edwards and her One Little Word workshops for getting me started on this path.

My One Word for 2018 is COLOR, which you can read about HERE.

For my previous One Words, check out these links … 2015: Dwell2014: Grace; 2013: Fullness; 2012: Float; 2011: Courage

(p.s. In 2016, I started the year with Unfold but didn’t really “take” — and 2017 went by without a thought towards One Word. It’s not irony that this coincides with the silence on this page and the blank pages in my journals. But this, like any practice that is worth its salt, is a forgiving one. Get up. Brush off. Start again.)

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