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Regular readers of Just Be Beth will remember my One Little Word  project and my focus on the word COURAGE for 2011. I’ve partnered with several other OLW participants in the March OLW Blog Hop — a fun and creative way to check out how other folks are approaching the One Little Word for 2011, be inspired by their journeys, and give myself a hard deadline to get my own work done. (See list of all participating bloggers at the end of this post.)

For February, we were challenged to take photos throughout the month that captured the essence of our word throughout the month. It’s been very, very cool to look for Courage in the world around me. What I found is that courage is everywhere — in the little things (like putting on running shoes) and in the huge things (like military families and their amazing sacrifices). And since I am learning that what you observe, you manifest more of, I am super excited about all the Courage Sightings.

Last week, I shared one of my favorite images and the poem that sprung from it. If you missed it, see it here. But here I unveil my Courage Collage.

Balloons: Two little girls held these helium balloons under a high ceiling at a friend’s birthday party. It struck me as a metaphor for taking a risk and having the courage to have joy in the moment, even if the outcome might not end up good; Peanuts: It takes courage to come out of your shell; Shoes: I’ve recently taken up running. Scary, but good; 4042: We’re getting a new address soon – a big faith step for our family; Karate Kid: Christian has embraced doing something new and shown me what child-like courage can do; Website: We started a Biggest Loser competition at work and when I see my co-workers who are willing to take such a public step with me, I know I am looking at courage in action; Tree: New blooms, vulnerable, waiting for the sun;  Sketch: A logo I borrowed from Brene Brown, author of The Gifts of Imperfection  and champion of “Ordinary Courage“; Soldier with Baby: I live in a military town and daily am amazed by the courage of both the soldiers and their beautiful families who make so many sacrifices.

Thanks for visiting Just Be Beth… now hop on over to Jennifer at … Her One Little Word is DREAM!

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16 thoughts on “One Little Word (OLW) Blog Hop

  1. I’m so sorry I am late your part of the hop! I have been having some big internet issues so the last part of the list I wasn’t able to get to until now. There is a conference in Beijing and the government cracks down on the internet and this makes blogs very hard to access and the internet in general SLOW! Anyway, your collage came out so nice. I like how you are using other peoples’ courage to inspire your own. Great work. Thanks for joining in on the hop!

  2. I really like the idea behind the peanut!

  3. Great word and wonderful pictures!

  4. Love your word:Courage! The photos that you chose are beautiful and meaningful too! Hope that you enjoy the journey! See you arround!-Amanda (#21)

  5. Cassie K

    your pictures and the stories behind them are amazing

  6. Such great sentiments! Love your layout with just the one single wide photo – looks great!

  7. I love the way you have captured something as elusive as courage in your photos. And I’m also a HUGE fan of Brene Brown. Have read both books – just finished my third reading of “The Gifts of Imperfection.” Really good stuff!

  8. mandyb

    love the way your pics portray your word in action!!
    all the best for the move too

  9. wow I love how you’ve captured courage in your photos.

  10. Love the middle photo on the bottom row. Courage is such a powerful word — good luck on this journey!

  11. those are some great photos. I really like your perspective. 🙂

  12. oh wow love your photo mosaic. enjoy this month

  13. Wonderful collection of photos. Enjoy your March!

  14. Love your post and the photos you took of your word, very creative and thought-provoking.

  15. Wonderful blog and I really like your photos and the meaning behind them. I just started reading Gifts of Imperfection…so I’m always glad to hear someone else enjoyed it.

  16. Courage is such a great word. You’ve gathered some great photos. I recently read Brene Brown’s Gifts of Imperfection, too. I’ll have to check out your reading list because I’m ready for another inspirational book =)

    Happy Blog Hopping! (I’m stop #34)

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