Love Comes Near (Unforced Rhythms Link-up)

Love word with Christmas decorations

I simply cannot get over the beautiful truth that God chooses to be WITH me. The lengths to which He went — to which He continues to go — to position us forever next to each other. It is the message that has been moving in me most strongly this Advent season.

That the promised One is coming. Indeed, that He HAS come. That Hope and Peace and Joy are fully satisfied in He who is Love. I know of no better version of love than this. God is WITH us.

She will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means ‘God is with us.’ (Matt 1:23)

WITH is such a powerful, beautiful word.

Not God over us. Not God under us. Not God ahead. Nor behind. Not sleeping. Not tiring. WITH.

With means beside. In communion. Doing life together.

God could have come to Earth in any number of ways. Demanding His rightful place. Making sure He could not be ignored.

But he chose a baby named WITH. 

Because in spite of us being a rag-tag group of messy misfits, He just simply could not imagine NOT being with us. Not 2000 years ago. Not today.

So whether or not you are with the ones you love this Christmas. Whether or not the gifts fit or the tree gets lit. Even if the Bumpus’s dogs eat your turkey.

My fervent wish — my prayer — for you all this Christmas is that the WITH-NESS of God will overwhelm you. And His WITH-NESS will stay with you all through the year.

(Reposted and updated from December 25, 2013)


The wonderful Kelli Woodford (Chronicles of Grace) is taking a well-deserved blogging break in December, but she has graciously let me borrow the Unforced Rhythm link-up community for the next few weeks. Your words are welcome here. So very welcome.

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13 thoughts on “Love Comes Near (Unforced Rhythms Link-up)

  1. Thank you for this prayer! Amen!

  2. The “with-ness of God” – what a beautiful, provocative statement. It is mind-blowing, indeed, and yes, may we be overwhelmed by it…
    Amber @ Beautiful Rubbish recently posted…How nature sings its preparationMy Profile

    • May you be absolutely overwhelmed by all things beautiful this Christmas, my dear, sweet friend. Fingers crossed that 2015 will be the year I get to hug your neck!

  3. It’s the most wonderful truth . . . God with Us. <3
    Much love to you, Beth. Oh how wonderful it was to hear your voice the other day. xoxo
    Beth S. recently posted…A Christmas WishMy Profile

    • You are truly among the new friends made in 2014 that have helped me focus on truths like these. Thank you!

  4. Sharon

    I don’t think I’ll ever take for granted His with-ness! This year, since my dad died in January, has been so very hard in so many ways. But, always I have had such a sense that He is with me, beside me, within me, surrounding me. I have not walked, nor ever will, one single step alone. Praise His name for that!!

    My very best wishes for a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! May your home be filled with His love, joy, and peace!


    • Merry Christmas to you, Sharon. I’m sure it is difficult to face the season without your dad, but I love that you feel him, and Jesus, all around you.

  5. “I simply cannot get over the beautiful truth that God chooses to be WITH me.” This first sentence of truth is so amazing to me too. How can it be? And it just keeps getting better and better. He helps, he serves, he guides, he loves.
    Lisa notes recently posted…A scroll of compassionMy Profile

    • How, indeed! Amazing Grace … how very, very sweet that sound. Merry Christmas, Lisa.

  6. Yes, the gosepl in a nutshell…so simple yet so perplexing profound and complex…”God with us.”

    Thanks for sharing, Beth!
    Joe Pote recently posted…Light in the DarknessMy Profile

    • You’re right, Joe. The gospel, at its core is so very simple. May we all rest in its truth this Christmas.

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