Long Summer’s Nap

Until you wake up, it can be hard to know you were asleep. It’s the sudden head bob that indicates a nodding off. The tingling of a finger that alerts you to the previous numbness. And in those first moments, it’s nearly impossible to know how long you’ve been out.

For reasons of which I am still not sure (and of which perhaps it doesn’t matter), I spent this past summer in a state of numbness. Time marched on. Work was done. Trips made. But all in a going-through-the-motions kind of way.

There was little range of emotion. Little variation to routine. No major projects accomplished. This blog was mostly silent. There was nothing to say. I wasn’t listening.

I was sleeping. And didn’t even know it.

With the fall has come a tingling. A sense that life is coming back — the sharp stabs of nerve endings gone unused. A sadness for time lost. But also the beginning of wonder for what is yet to come.

I’m listening. I’m writing. I’m wiping the sleep from my eyes and waiting for the fog to lift and my vision to clear.

“Awake, awake! Clothe yourself with strength.” Isaiah 51:9

1 thought on “Long Summer’s Nap

  1. kelliwoodford

    I have so often felt like the disciples who fell asleep on Jesus. In His time of great sorrow, my flesh has again proven stronger than my spirit. I have thought that I am at least better than those who show up with swords and spears, but then . . . maybe not.
    Oh, but sweet part of this story?
    He wakes them with a gentle word. Just like He wakes me. Again and again, He chases us — those of us nodding off and drooling on our pillow — and wakes us up. Out of the vast reserves of His Everlasting Love and His Unrelenting Grace.
    Not because of any beauty, faithfulness, or loveability I possess, but because HE IS LOVE,
    and can be nothing else.
    Amen to waking up. THIS is the day the Lord has made . . . I rejoice in it with you, Beth — AWAKE!

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