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Learning to Float

yield. breathe. rest. slow down. be. surrender. sabbath. relax. give up control. ease. lean. light. stillness. freedom. grace. contentment. worship. peace. open. efficient. expectant waiting. quiet. let go. effortless. dance with grace. Float.

In 2011, my word was Courage. And my year was very much about that. Taking action and moving myself forward. Getting done with getting nowhere and focusing on love over fear.

It has been exciting, exhilarating, character-building and eye-opening. Responding in courage has created a momentum as I step through the doors God has opened.

Surprising doors. Scary doors. Doors requiring nothing short of faith to step through.

But I have stepped. I have been courageous.

And now I feel a fresh word from God for 2012. Float.

In courage and faith I stepped into the river during 2011. And I believe God’s call to “float” in 2012 is acknowledgement that I am on the right path. The call is to let this current carry me this year. Rest in God. Yield. Breathe. Relax.

Floating is not about laziness or apathy. It’s a movement forward knowing God is in control. So I can stop being frantic – busy for the sake of busy. Lean on God. Rest in the shadow of His wing. And float.

Note: All across the blogger world, there are many who take the path of One Little Word for the year. My mentor and friend in the practice is Ali Edwards. Read her One Little Word Story here. And then consider taking her One Little Word class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It will help you keep focused on your word in creative and interesting ways all year long. I highly recommend it!


2 Responses to “Learning to Float”

  1. Katherine Pugh says:

    Floating is hard work. How wonderful to have the “courage” to choose that word.
    Please email me with some ideas on how to choose my word…I would like to follow Ali’s class.

  2. Ali says:

    I had to come over and tell you that I love your word. Love it –


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