Lay it Down (Brave Every Day)

The airport is a common setting in my dreams. Most often as I navigate one hallway after another looking for the right gate for my destination. It’s a pretty telling theme — feeling like I can’t find the right path to get me where I need to go.

But a recent slumber offered a different kind of airport scenario. This time, I knew the right gate and I made my way there fairly simply. Down a escalator, past the pretzel stand, right into an open waiting room.

Until the moment we are called to board, and I realize I have somehow managed to track in with me a huge assortment of items. Rubbermaid tubs. Suitcases. Carry-on bag. A full-sized ironing board.

Yes. That’s right. A full-sized ironing board. (At least what I remember an ironing board to look like. I haven’t actually used one in years.)

Suddenly it’s clear that I have to find a way to get all of this stuff into the allowed 2 bags. So I start stuffing. And stacking. And calculating if might sneak the ironing-board through if I strap it to a tub. That would only count as 1 item, right.

I have no idea how I got all of this in with me past security. But I panic, thinking only of how I just HAVE to make everything fit. The boarding has started, and I will NOT be left behind. But neither am I leaving my stuff.

“You’re trying to carry too much.”

I don’t know where the voice comes from, but I know it’s right.

Upon waking, I carry the message with me for days.

Too much.

Stepping toward freedom with an overstuffed suitcase isn’t really the journey I want to take. All these things I think I need — especially the ones I never even use — why is it still so hard to let them go?

I have compared my addiction recovery to climbing a mountain. Of having to learn to navigate narrow roads along steep paths. Which is a lousy place to be hauling storage tubs and an ironing board.

Hikers sometimes use stone markers to indicate a path for those who come behind them — a cairn. And those who follow often add a rock of their own to the stack.

As I climb my mountain, I must learn to lighten my load. To add an offering of surrender at each altar. To lay it down on my way up. So that when I exit from the other side, there is nothing left to hold me back. That — that will be my freedom.



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1 thought on “Lay it Down (Brave Every Day)

  1. Sharon

    Letting go – it isn’t easy. I sometimes wonder if God doesn’t just shake His head at us – watching us labor under heavy loads when He’s right there to share the yoke. Great dream, and great message.


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