In Fields of Grace (Brave Every Day)

One tiny step in front of another. Heel, toe. Heel, toe.

A misstep is too costly on the high wire. Life becomes a balancing act. One fraught with fear. For there is zero margin for error.

It’s a long way down.


We knew the philosophy of the organization from the beginning. Pull your weight or sit it out. Everyone is replaceable.

There is a mark, and it must be met.

Still it hurt us all when he was pulled.

I sat with the sadness for days. Not quite sure why it laid me so open.

Embarrassment? Shame?

Pure old-fashioned anger?

A truly visceral reaction to the “not good enough” laid before us.

Tiny missteps. Big consequences.

But what if, my heart wonders.

What if the pressure was removed? What if they could just play? What if their standing wouldn’t change based on mistakes? What if errors were met with extra chances?


“Your spot is secure, Beth.”

And there is was. The answer to all my aching.

A heart pained from walking the high wire. Holding my breath with every movement, nervous of doing it wrong. Fearful that something could come along without warning and knock me from “good girl” status. With irreversible damage.

Because His kingdom has not yet fully come. And “three strikes you’re out” is the way of the world.

But Grace. But God.

“Your spot is secure.”


In the green pastures near still waters, the way is wide. Room to roam. To explore. To run and play. To zig and zag. A stumble is met with the soft landing of lush grass. It’s easy to brush yourself off and walk again.

The measurements there are different.

In the fields of grace.









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