Holding Space & Accepting Help (Brave Every Day)


Months ago I knew I needed to. Weeks ago I said I would. Yesterday I made the call. Today it was confirmed.

“I’m holding space for you, Beth,” the therapist said. “Starting right now, you’re sharing the load.”

And she was right. I instantly felt it lighten.

Admitting a need for help — and then actually asking for it — Good, gosh, that’s hard.

You might think I’d know better. My Dad is a professional counselor, after all. And I saw real benefit from time talking with a psychologist during my infertility struggle many years ago.

And still…

So to get such a confirmation, in a conversation of less than 5 minutes, that my heart was being heard. And held. Well, it started pulling together the brokenness. Helping me to gather the fragments into a manageable pile. A place to start from.

Holding space.

The promise of a soft place to land. An advance reservation to be accepted without pretense. A seat at the table with the other Ragamuffins feasting on grace.

“I go to prepare a place,” He says.

Heaven, yes. But here, too.

In Him. In nature. In silence. In each other.

To float. To dwell.



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