Hello New Year!

It is no coincidence that I picked up, just a few days before New Year’s, a book that’s been sitting in my Read Pile for months. The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene’ Brown is the perfect backdrop for renewal. Its subtitle: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are is just about the most perfect New Year’s Resolution I can imagine.

So that’s what I’m going with for 2011. This Blog is intended to…

1. Keep me accountable to the journey. Goals are more likely to be reached when they are written down. Changes of success improve exponentially when shared.

2. Provide an outlet for my thoughts and journaling. If I were asked to chart a time-line of personal growth throughout my life, I am certain the days of biggest breakthrough would correlate with my times of consistent journaling. Some of the most stagnant times in my life have no written record. I do not think that a fluke. So here I am recommitting myself to a year of reflecting and recording by writing it down.

3. Welcome reflection & discussion. We are all broken. We all have battles. We all could be more authentic, more alive, and more comfortable in our own skin. If this blog, in any way is an inspiration, or an affirmation that you are not alone, or a way for you to talk about your own journey, then I will be blessed to have you walk with me along the way.

So here we go. Let the countdown to 2011 begin.