Hard Things (Brave Every Day)


He’s been a viola player for 2 weeks and the sounds coming from his strings confirm it. Already he’s exasperated. “I don’t want it to be hard,” he says. And what can I say? What he’s admitted out loud I have cried from my spirit thousands of times. Probably a thousand times just yesterday.


90 days after my college graduation, with the name of a stranger in my pocket and a promised job title, I sit in an Arizona apartment. 1400 miles from any address I’ve previously known. How did that girl forget how to do hard things?


I had musical days of my own. Jr. High and High School band. As high as second chair flute. But never first. That much effort wasn’t worth it to me. Near the top was near enough if that’s where I naturally landed.

Near enough is a standard I’ve been settling for in all kinds of places.


I do not like hard things.


There are people who set out on journeys they know will wreak their hearts, their bodies. Test their courage and their will to go on. There are people who climb for mountain peaks already knowing the percentages are slim they will make the summit — or make it back alive at all.

They do not turn from the hard and find a safer, less steep path. They turn into the storm. On purpose.

Me? I have set up camp at the mountain’s base and call the view the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. And it is. Beautiful indeed. Life among the streams and the meadows where the paths are wide and the grass green. Where the danger is low and the oxygen levels are high.

It’s a good, good life.

But it’s not a view from the top.


“The Lord GOD is my strength, And He has made my feet like hinds’ feet, And makes me walk on high places.” Habakkuk 3:19


I Can Do Hard Things


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