Go for Launch

I spent my day at Kennedy Space Center.
And beyond the wonder and awesomeness of it all, I kept coming back to this thought…
It’s the dreaming and “could we really” that takes all the guts.
It’s the planning and the testing that takes all the stress of trial and error.
It’s the liftoff that takes all the energy.
Once you get into orbit, the travel takes care of itself.

All the fuel. All the boosters. All the fire. All the smoke. All the umph is required at the start of anything. Overcoming the gravity and inertia of status quo is the absolute hardest part of any process.

But there comes a point, sometimes a sudden one, where moving through space and time is nearly effortless. Where the circling of the Earth is natural and smooth.

It took a lot of jet fuel to get me to today. Years before the boosters were even ready to fire. More during the countdown. Only to be met with the body-punishing exit from the place that held me down for far too long. An escape from this atmosphere takes everything you’ve got. And then some.

But I’m starting to see a day where that world fading away in my rearview mirror. Its pull waning.

It’s more floating than flying. More peace than push & pull.

Just maybe, I’m on my way to finding an orbit.


What journey awaits you, friend? The energy it takes to get there will be Immense. Expensive. Exhausting.

And Temporary.

So start the countdown and do not fear the launch. The reward is already waiting.

4 thoughts on “Go for Launch

  1. Sharon

    The journey that I’ve been traveling, and that just seems to keep getting harder, is caring for my mother, who continues to decline into dementia. Oh, the journey is exhausting. But, I am finding the reward in it all. And the reward is knowing God and His presence in ever deeper ways.

    I orbit around the SON – and all is safe and secure.


  2. Oh, my word, Beth! You will NEVER know how much I needed this today! My current post is called “It’s Time To Launch”!!!!! You just reaffirmed what God is asking my family and I to do. I cannot believe how He spoke to me through your words today! Thank you for being obedient to share what He placed upon your heart. I appreciate you so much!

  3. Beth, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your journey with me and others. I love the way you share in a common, unique, manner. Sometimes your insights are so much like what I’ve been through or want to go through that I almost have to look over my shoulder to see if you are there. That is the wonderful, blessed thing about our walk with God. He connects us together even though we are miles apart. And there is one more very important thing is as I follow your writings you inspire me to do the search to continue to walk with God,even when I get discouraged by life and my own failures I find hope in what you write. Thank you. God bless you my sister in Christ.

  4. Beth, I am smiling right now and so glad to hear from you. I have been thinking about you and have prayed for you as you have been blasting off.

    The journey that awaits me is getting back to writing my story for my family. Got a little sidetracked, thinking too far ahead. Ann told me I just need to start and write, knowing no one has to read any or all of it…i get to choose, but I must start. I see that happening after our upcoming trip to Portland to see the grands. that’s where I came to this afternoon while walking, so this is good inspiration. thanks, Beth.

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