For When Life calls for Silence

psalm 62-5Perhaps my One Word for 2015 should have been Shh.

For as I learn to sit with Jesus, I find myself hushed. Each time I go to open my mouth, the words that begin to exit are held back by those The Spirit is breathing in.

I want to listen well.
I am being reminded often to listen well.

Listening means sitting still. And silently.

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. (Psalm 62:5)

Luke tells us that as Jesus grew, Mary “pondered” — treasuring moments and minutes. I don’t think that’s because she didn’t have access to a blog. I think that’s because she knew the value of quiet reflection. Of listening well.

This is the message my pondering has produced — Some things are meant to be said. Some are meant to be treasured.

Knowing the difference between that which is sweeter in the sharing and that which gets diluted in the discussion is an ongoing piece of my training in what it means to DWELL.

So I will settle myself at His feet. And hush.


Linking this reflection of Small Wonder with my friend and fellow blogger, Kelly Chripczuk, who is launching a Community of blogging Beauty Hunters at her site this week. So grateful for the reminder that our Big God shows himself in the most amazing small ways.