For When Hearts are United Through Hands (Word of The Week)

psalm-168He was across the room when the call for prayer was heard. I instinctively and quickly make may way to him. Because my soul knows where my body needs to be. Next to him. Because that’s what we do.

We bow our heads and link our fingers.

Somewhere in 16 years of marriage, we started this approach to prayer. A physical reaching for each other as a spiritual positioning before God in our requests. United as one. An intertwining of a cord of three strands. Him. Me. Jesus.

And there are few other times when I feel as sure of the path we’ve vowed to take together than I do in those moments. Regardless of the circumstances, I have learned.

Him. Me. Jesus. We’ve got this.

This single, simple act adds mortar to our bricks and reinforces our foundation. One Amen at a time. Because far too many things — and sometimes even we, ourselves — chip away at our union. man-and-woman-holding-hands

It’s the reason we keep returning to this joining of our fingers and our faith.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons I pray at all.

Because sometimes a prayer is nothing more than a reaching. A remembering that God’s hand is there. That He longs to weave his digits with mine and walk with me.

Because when I place my requests, my heart, and future in His hands, I find myself confident in His care.

I keep my eyes always on the Lord.
    With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. (Psalm 16:8)

And when my hand is in His, I stand united with His sovereign plan.

His hand will strengthen me. His hand will lead me home.

Hand in Hand, I already am.


I return each Sabbath for a fresh Word of the Week. For the God-breathed pages to come alive in a phrase or two on which to spend a 7-day feast. To meditate upon. To use as a jumping off point for whatever other words God would have me hear during the week. I would love for you to join the Word of the Week (WOW) discussion by adding your selected verse to the comments … or reflections on any scripture reading. 

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13 thoughts on “For When Hearts are United Through Hands (Word of The Week)

  1. “Because sometimes a prayer is no more than a reaching…” Oh friend. There are so many moments in marriage when words and emotions threaten to chip away at the union and this simple, but oh-so-hard act of “reaching for each other as a spiritual positioning before God in our requests” is the act that saves us. Again and again. Thank you for these beautiful words reminding me of the reaching, that this is enough.

    • Amen. Love you, Amber!

  2. How beautiful, Beth. Such a lovely image of you and your husband – and of you and our Lord. Hand in hand, He leads us. Is there any image quite so comforting?! That verse from Psalms was inspiring. My life might get a little stirred up, but I will not be shaken – for my *house* is built on The Rock!!


    (Thank you so very much for your thoughtful comment on my blog today. I loved the word picture – sister joist. I had forgotten that’s what they’re called. And yes, I am so very grateful for sister believers. Sister On – indeed!!!)

    • Yes, Sharon. We need our sisters and brothers to hold us in prayer most certainly. But with our hand in God’s we will NOT be shaken.

  3. United. Love that. Better than off wandering on my own. So much better.

    • Yes, Natalie. So much better. And because I trust Him so fully, when He takes my hand, I can’t help but follow.

  4. Because naked prayer is too threatening, my husband and I have been using Phyliss Tickle’s Divine Hours as our devotional. Usually we just do the morning prayer. Sometimes when we’re in one of those silent arguments I ask if I can read the afternoon or evening one, just to hear his voice. We hold hands during the sermon in church and in the car, though I need to pull my nose out of the phone, during those car rides…!

    Thank you as always for sharing.

    • Reaching for a hand can mean so very much, huh, Katie. I agree I need to make more time for it as well. Love having you here.

  5. I can’t wait to soon be hand in hand with mine. But so grateful to God for how distance never limits how we can still join together in prayer. Your words always bless, friend. xoxo

    • Excited for your pending homecoming, friend. But, yes, indeed, the binding together can be strong and powerful over the miles, too.

  6. This is beautiful! Being hand in hand with our husbands as we pray together to the One who has us in the palm of His hands. This blessed me. Thank you!

    • I’m blessed to know you are blessed by it, Heather.

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