Five Minute Friday: Real

I spent a good long time pulling trash from my car this morning. Wrappers from after-school snacks. Drink cups from I don’t know when. Work and school papers no longer needed. Filled a pretty good-sized bag. How does it get that way? Life. Pure and simple, it’s life.

We recently had someone visit our home who has known us a very short time. After she left, I looked around and saw things through her eyes. Because I kind of forgot that laundry baskets aren’t usually home decor. (Though mine was piled so precariously, I beg to claim it’s really more of an art piece.) And that 3 big dogs greeting you at the door is not how everyone comes home. My bathroom under remodel? Ok, so that could look like a mess to someone else. Everyday stuff for me. Thankfully, I just laughed and laughed. “We looked so normal before she came to our house,” I told my husband.

My car. My house. My life.

It’s not orderly. It’s not organized. It’s not even very clean most days.

But it’s Real. And it’s Blessed.


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1 thought on “Five Minute Friday: Real

  1. roseann elliott

    Hi neighbor…yes…hospitality is not about perfection…but having a welcoming heart…one that makes others feel loved…that is real and that will bless…
    Have a blessed weekend..

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