Five Minute Friday: Comfort

6183534216_1726173627I wish this were a post about blankets and snuggles and hot cocoa on a cold day. It would be nice to write about sleeping in and lazy days listening to rainstorms playing soft songs on my roof.

And oh how my heart cries to make this a post about running to the arms of my Father God, burying myself deep into His neck, and just hanging out there as the minutes and hours tick by.

My comfort, I desire, were something more like this.

But when I spotted the word comfort as today’s writing prompt, by literal first thoughts were of donuts. Food. Like it or not — my comfort. My friend.

Fleeting though the comfort is. Despite how quickly discomfort follows.

I wish for a different comfort to be my default. Perhaps wishing is the only place to start.

 Join the 5-minute movement at The Gypsy Momma in her 5-Minute Friday challenge. Each week she posts a word. Set your timer for 5 minutes and just write. No stopping. No editing. Only 5 minutes. Just my style!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 Sadly, donuts are also a comfort of mine. 😉

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