Even in April

april2014It’s April. I planned to use a special 2014 journal to track my sugar sobriety again this year — my restart of a recovery from food addiction and the reclamation of my relationship with my body.

But the January-March pages are blank. And now it’s April. Which makes me feel lazy.

And late.

But I trust that real healing is always right on time. Which makes NOW the time to start. Always. So here we go.

In April. In the Spring.

Because it is the season of resurrection. Because Spring is when you plant the things that you want to harvest in the Fall. The ground is ready. And maybe now, so am I.

In April. Today. NOW.

Ready to mark Day 1. To make friends with my body so we can be allies in the path and passion of my calling. My purpose.

Sometimes life is complicated. Sometimes it gets real clear.

Our health is on the line this time. This is no longer a choice that can wait for New Years. Or a new month. Or Monday.

The only choice is to start NOW. Today.

Even in April.


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  1. Oh, to make friends with our bodies. Praying for you, Beth. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It gives me inspiration to keep moving forward in my own. Much love to you.

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