Empty is Not a Bad Word (Brave Every Day)

There are blank spaces in the line up. The Write 31 Days campaign is short a few. And Write 28ish Days doesn’t have the same ring.

First, technical issues (source still unknown) shut down my site for enough of a day to throw off my posting schedule. And then I got busy. Then tired. Then apathetic. Then out of sorts.

It’s tempting to go back and try to fill the spaces. So the days are complete. Perfect attendance.

I used to do that with my daily journal. Find where I’d left off, think back, and write from memory. Or fill it in with a quote. Anything to keep myself from staring into the blankness. Any way to plant a flag of “I was here” on a 24-hour period of time. As if only writing it down would prove my existence in the world.

I can’t tell you the last day pen hit paper in my 5-year book. Months. There’s no way to fill that kind of space.

Besides, the only way to be honest about those days are to leave them blank. Because I’ve been pretty absent from myself.


I find the urge to fill the pages not much different from the urge to fill my stomach.

It doesn’t take long for me to be uncomfortable being uncomfortable. To look for something to ease the hunger. To add just about anything into a void to stop it from being hollow.

Like a black hole creates a vacuum in the universe, my stomach abhors a rumble. Or a hint of a rumble. Or the possibility a hint of a rumble is coming.

But I am learning to give emptiness its space. To fight the urge to fill just for the sake of avoiding a lack. To ask exactly what the right filler might be.

To explore the possibility empty is not a bad word.

Because maybe empty puts me in the right position to receive. Not to manufacture my own kind of gap plan but to pause. To breathe. To let hunger do its work while I wait.

Because He is faithful to bring good gifts in His time. And if I’m already full of the less-than, I’ll never be ready for His best.


So I will not sugar-coat (pun intended) or arbitrarily fill my missing days this month. My 31 Days will come up a bit short.

And that will be exactly as it should be.


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