Do You Know What You Are?

There are caterpillars on our tree. Hundreds of them. In clumps up and down the trunk and limbs. We keep seeing more with every turn of the head.

Already many are leaving their group, headed for fresh spring leaves. Other eggs have yet to hatch. We’ve caught them at their very beginning.

And I just want to get close to each and every fuzzy one of them and whisper, “Do you know what you are?!?”

If I were to pull the DNA from one of them, a scientist would not be able to tell if its donor were inching up a tree or flying through the skies. For the caterpillar is, even now, a butterfly.

He just doesn’t know it yet.

He will go through two complete life transformations to get his wings. Caterpillar to Cocoon. Cocoon to Butterfly. It will be strange. It will be dark. It will feel like an awfully strange way of being. But he couldn’t stop the process even if he wanted to.

It’s in his DNA.

What about you? Do you know what you are?

A child of the king. A sinner saved by grace. A new creation in Christ. Your very best you just waiting to emerge.

You WILL be transformed. Maybe even twice. Maybe more.

And even when it’s dark, uncomfortable, confusing, awkward, and just plain weird & yucky, EMBRACE IT.

No matter how this moment feels, the outcome is secure.

You can only and ever be a butterfly.

You already are.


“How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”
-Trina Paulus, Hope for the Flowers