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Coiled springs and Blooming trees

trees_callery_pear_tree_rsz_mpbaugh_wikiThe Bradford Pears are blooming. The trees, that is.

It happened overnight. Literally.

Invisible buds on Friday. Delicate white blossoms on Saturday.

In every yard. All. At. Once.

As if God Himself came low to the ground and spoke into the anxious roots, breathed on the tiny buds a single word. “Now.”

Maybe He did.

And still it catches me off guard every year.

The waning days of winter have wound us tight. Anticipation building like soldiers circling walls waiting for the trumpets to blow. Like wanderers in the wilderness trudging old ground dreaming of milk and honey. Like dry bones in a valley coveting a breath of life.

Like a coil compressed, waiting for… Well, a spring.

From root to tip. From sap to bark. Our cells tingle with the coming of new life. Even when the evidence of it remains hidden.

Listen closely. For God is coming near.

Your “Now” is on its way.


Linking this reflection of Small Wonder with my friend and fellow blogger, Kelly Chripczuk, who hosts a Community of blogging Beauty Hunters at her site. Because our Big God shows himself in the most amazing small ways. #smallwonder

18 Responses to “Coiled springs and Blooming trees”

  1. Beth,
    Love this :-) The hope of spring and of resurrection :-)
    Dolly@Soulstops recently posted…On practicing presence (and potato soup)My Profile

  2. Sharon says:

    Oh, this was lovely. I so loved the image of God whispering, “Now.” He does indeed know the perfect timing for everything. And when I find myself waiting, I must trust Him. Only He knows the *why* of a winter season. Only He knows the proper pruning and trimming to do. And only He can bring forth the fruit that He desires.

    Waiting for His whisper…


  3. Oh, thank you for this, Beth, it’s wonderful. I’m so much the same – it catches me off guard every year and I guess maybe that’s part of the gift of it. Thank you for being a part of this community, for gifting us with your words and wisdom.
    Kelly Chripczuk recently posted…As Good as it Gets – Work and Love (#SmallWonder Link-up)My Profile

  4. “From root to tip. From sap to bark. Our cells tingle with the coming of new life. Even when the evidence of it remains hidden.” You and your poetic imagery pulled straight from these natural places… how they resonate with hope and truth from a wise Creator. Thank you, friend.
    Amber @ Beautiful Rubbish recently posted…Cathedral yoga (#SmallWonder)My Profile

  5. ~ linda says:

    Beautiful! Not just the pear tree blooms but the intertwined words that remind me of God’s Holy Presence now and His “now” appears at His command and not mine. Praising Him for His beautiful world and the gifts He tosses my way through blogs such as yours.
    Visiting from Small Wonders.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda
    ~ linda recently posted…Breaking for SpringMy Profile

  6. Lisa notes says:

    I’ve been noticing too how the buds seem to come out of nowhere every spring. I do love that. “Now.” Love this, Beth! Especially since “now” is my One Word for this year. You’ve brought yet another nuance to it for me.
    Lisa notes recently posted…Want to memorize James 1 together?My Profile

    • Beth says:

      It is so much fun to watch how God brings our word back to us over and over throughout the year, isn’t, Lisa. Truth?? It wasn’t the one I initially used. So maybe it was just for you. 😉

  7. Joanne Viola says:

    This here spoke to my heart > “For God is coming near.” Such an amazing thought – God coming near to me. So grateful He does!
    Joanne Viola recently posted…Call On HimMy Profile

  8. Jody Collins says:

    “Like a coil compressed…waiting for a Spring.” What a great phrase, Beth. I’ll bet those flowering pear trees are gorgeous.
    Jody Collins recently posted…When your Feathers are Ruffled (#small wonder link up)My Profile

  9. now……….I have been hearing that word on so many different levels.

    Now is important…this moment
    Now is the time to rest, not rush
    Now is NOT the time to sign up for/jump into/start on anything.
    Be . . . . be . . . .
    and now this…..\

    I sense this word as you used it is coming for me.
    not that I have a sense it is now time to sign up for/jump into/start on anything…it’s a sense it’s all coming together and what i “do” next is more about being and it will fit and I won’t have to bend and twist and figure out how to make it work.

    I haven’t blogged since before Christmas as you can see from my link below, not because i am sad or depressed, although sometimes that is why I can’t/don’t blog. The message was to be still and sometimes I need to continue to write and process, but not in public.

    thanks for this. This is the second picture i have seen like this today. One of my cousins lives down south and she put them up on facebook.
    Carol Longenecker Hiestand recently posted…Missing Baby JesusMy Profile

    • Beth says:

      Carol… I think God has many of us in a place of rest. Of abiding with Him. Of listening more than we speak. And it’s such a holy place to be. I pray that God uses every second of it to press into you and you into Him, knowing that you will have everything you need when “Now” comes. Blessings, friend.

  10. Just lovely, Beth. God is so good. I’ve missed your words but good to be here today. Much love. xoxo
    Beth (@SimplyBeth3) recently posted…Scattering of Love :: Batch 7My Profile

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