Mile One (Brave Every Day Series)


There is a long stretch of country road across Kentucky where the hills are many and the gas stations few. I’m only a minute or two headed west when I spot a marker. Mile 1.

Years of road trips have trained me to keep my eyes open for the passing numbers. A way to track progress towards an anticipated exit. A way of knowing where I am in the world.

So a few minutes later I glance to the side of the road again. Mile 1.

Yes. Again.

Over the course of the next hour or so I pass Mile 1 no less than 5 more times. While driving in a straight line.

I was confused at first.

Then annoyed. Then angry.

How could I be moving — and making absolutely no progress?

Starting over. And over. It’s pure exhaustion.

And then I heard the whisper.  “New every morning.”

What if Mile 1 was an invitation to start fresh? To wipe the slate clean? To wash off the dirt of the road behind me and move forward without baggage.

What if these signs aren’t meant as altars to my progress and are instead opportunities for grace? No matter how many times I have to start again at Mile 1?

What if I had the courage to keep driving, not knowing how many more Mile 1 markers I might face? Could I be Brave Every Day?



This post is a Mile 1 of sorts. It’s been weeks since my last blog entry. And even that was a re-post. So months is a more accurate measure of my absence from writing. Not just publishing, but nearly all kinds of writing. Which, I have learned, is not a particularly healthy state of my soul.

Moving forward from Mile 1 — while knowing it’s extremely likely there is another Mile 1 in the future is an act of hope. Of faith. Of mustard seed faith. A small planting of courage that may just bloom into brave.

A little Brave. Every day.


brave-squareIn response to the 31 Day blogging challenge, I will be publishing EVERY DAY in October — reporting on ways I reach out to bravery in my everyday life. (See all posts to date HERE.) To be alerted to new posts, please follow me on Facebook or Twitter using the links on the right side of this page. Or Subscribe to get posts sent to your Email.

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