EVERY DAY of October 2015, I endeavor to do something brave. And I look forward to discovering how courage will be defined in my ordinary days.

Posts are linked below for easy access.

1: Today’s Brave: Starting over at Mile One

2: Today’s Brave: Learning to do Hard Things

3: Today’s Brave: My first Overeaters Anonymous meeting & Rainy Stained Glass Windows

4: Today’s Brave: Inviting my inside self to come out again by tunneling from both sides

5: Today’s Brave: Knowing that my soul is well, even as other parts of me fall apart

6: Today’s Brave: Surrendering my Every Little Thing

7: Today’s Brave: Standing strong, even in a storm

8: Today’s Brave: Trusting God with my face, and learning to seek His, too

9: Today’s Brave: Laying down all the stuff that holds me back

10: Today’s Brave. Admitting the awkwardness of addiction

11: Today’s Brave. Daring to whisper the ragamuffin’s rumor —all is grace

12: Today’s Brave. Calling for God’s faithfulness even when my spirit is soaked

13: Today’s Brave. Sitting with the need for grace

14: Today’s Brave. Making the call to ask for help.

15-17: Brave These Days — Letting it be OK to be imperfect in my missing posts

18: Today’s Brave. Feeling exposed to the coming frost.

19: Today’s Brave. Emptying my need to be full.

20: Today’s Brave. Remembering my mistakes don’t kick me off the team

21: Today’s Brave. Ascribing unsurpassable worth. To myself. To all.

22: Today’s Brave. Listening

23: Today’s Brave. Feasting on His Word

24: Today’s Brave. A Family Day at the Fair — No post

25: Today’s Brave. Stepping into the Arena

26-30: Braving in the Quiet Places

31: Today’s Brave. Everything is Brave. And it’s all Big.