Because Life is Like a Journey to The Moon


Sleep. She would not come.

    Months into living in my sister’s basement, I found myself awake again. Our bed a mattress on the floor because the frame and box springs wouldn’t fit down the stairs.
    A major financial setback led us to this place — and to the brink of losing our loan for a new house. And yet, on this particular night, I knew I was held by more than my mattress.
    My husband to my right, a dog at my feet, and a cat near my head. All that mattered most to me was here. Together. On that bed. And anywhere we put it down would be our home.
    More than a decade later, I awoke again before full morning light. The cat no longer with us and dogs long since banished from the bed, I am instead sandwiched between my husband and my son.
    The realization of the beauty in this particular bed crashes over me in a wave of contentment.
    All is well. God is faithful. Life is good.
    Which gets me thinking of an analogy I long clung to but had forgotten in recent years…

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1 thought on “Because Life is Like a Journey to The Moon

  1. Find yourself in such an unpleasant situation where somebody else has to grant you a place in order to sleep is probably one of the worse situations. It’s something many that people are trying real hard as they can in order to make sure that they avoid such a situation. However, God sometimes allows unpleasant circumstances to come our way for a reason. The truth is that life will not always go well due to instability. At the end of the day, one thing that really matters is trusting God in the midst of dreadful situation.

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