Because Dusk & Dawn can Look a lot Alike (Five Minute Friday-“Begin”)

new-dawn-of-the-dead-lake-at-756348When does the dawn begin? At the first hint of light on the horizon? When the sun itself peeks over the hill? And, if so, does the dawn come later on cloudy morns?

Or maybe — just maybe — the dawn starts at dusk. When the circle of the earth promises the sun, though invisible for the time — will come back full.

Dawn begins in the dark.

We prefer a more clear definition.

Drawing a delineation in the sand to mark something new. This. This right here and now is the beginning. Day One. The starting line.


But I don’t think it works that way.

Because an action starts with an intent.
An intent with a question.
A question with a curiosity.
A curiosity with a whisper.

Whispers don’t announce themselves with the glory of a sunrise.

But they are the first breeze of a new season blowing in.

The beginning.


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7 thoughts on “Because Dusk & Dawn can Look a lot Alike (Five Minute Friday-“Begin”)

  1. What a great post. In between time, dawn and dusk, when the edges between this world and the next thin, fray, and people gifted can slip between them.

    • Katie! That is so absolutely beautiful. Could I be so blessed to be on of these people who sense the thinness between the two places.

  2. This whole piece breathes mystery, Beth, and I want to sit down with it and let it wrap around my heart, not my mind, because it’s only there I think it can settle in. What a thought – that dawn begins at dusk, that it doesn’t announce itself in sunrise but in whispers. I love the beautiful hope of this and how impossible it is to wrangle into clear and distinct lines of beginning and ending. They run together, don’t they? Thank you for this.

    • We spend so much time trying to define things in terms that help us feel better about our journeys, I guess. End. Beginning. But life is everything all at once and trying to untangle them is not only impossible but would be to steal its mystery, yes.

  3. Good Morning, Beth ~

    Don’t you love these profound little nuggetst that come to us in all of 300 {+} seconds … recently I was thinking about the difference between dawn and dusk photos … and wondering if I could even discern a difference.

    Thanks, friend …

    • Ends are beginnings and beginnings ends and both at once and over and over. It is, indeed, hard to tell the difference.

    • alma spaulding

      I was thinking the exact samething when trying to find a pic to post. I saw the sun behind the trees with clouds in a landscap, i tried to discern the color of the rays, be it devishly fire orange or or lemoney yellow; which is the true of the two? I then return to normality of man and forged to my next thought.

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