Beat Inertia by Moving Faster

Science is not my thing. Forgive me if inertia has nothing to do with speed. But here’s the principle.

Objects at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon. And acting quickly generates enough momentum to move farther and higher. So when it’s time to act, speed is your friend. Thinking can be good. Stalling hardly ever is.

If I were a scientific soul, I might do a survey, and I suspect I would find that we talk ourselves OUT of things more often than we talk ourselves INTO them. Time, my friend, is not always on your side.

For example, I decided on my drive home that I wanted to get on the treadmill tonight. So as quickly as I could upon arriving home, I put on my workout clothes and running shoes, and got that baby fired up. No time to get distracted. No time to find excuses. Act and act quickly.

What should you be doing right now?? Stop reading and do it NOW! Quickly!

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