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A Little Longer

I was introduced to this amazing song recently and my heart has been humming it since. Such a powerful reminder that God gently calls us to release our DO and embrace our BE.

A Littler Longer (Jenn Johnson) – youtube link below the lyrics

What can I do for You
What can I bring to You
What kind of song would You like me to sing
‘Cause I’ll dance a dance for You
Pour out my love for You
What can I do for You beautiful King

‘Cause I can’t thank You enough
‘Cause I can’t thank You enough

Then I hear You say
You don’t have to do a thing
Simply be with Me and let those things go
They can wait another minute
Wait this moment is too sweet
Please stay here with me
And love on Me a little longer
‘Cause I’m in love with you

So I’ll wait here at Your feet
It’s where I want to be
Your voice I’ll follow
Jesus You are everything to me
And I’ll pour out my life
Worship at Your feet
Love on You a little longer

‘Cause I’m in love with You


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6 Responses to “A Little Longer”

  1. Barbie says:

    Love Jenn Johnson! This song speaks to me every time I hear it. Visiting from Three Word Wednesday!

  2. Isn’t it wonderful how much music with powerful lyrics can impact us? Thank you for sharing this one today!

  3. Cheryl Smith says:

    Such beautiful, powerful words…echoing the longings in my heart! Thank you for sharing!

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