A Letter to My Tastebuds (Sugar Sober Series)

Dear Tastebuds:

You don’t get to be in charge any more.

For too long I have let you direct this body. This body of countless body parts. All of them working carefully at their specific tasks with one goal in mind. To keep me alive.

And I have allowed you to over-rule them time after time after time. Your power over the pleasure sensors of my brain have convinced me that you speak for the good of the body. That taste is the primary determinant in the type of fuel I should use.

For the last 20 days, I’ve been fighting to silence you.

And you know what I’ve heard? The rest of my body wants a say in how we’re doing this food thing, too.

My heart doesn’t want sugar all the time. Neither does my pancreas. And certainly not my hips.

Tastebuds, you are being dethroned for the higher good.

Though I recognize now that silence isn’t the answer either. I still value your input. I still want you to enjoy your work. The tartness of a green apple. The sweetness of a strawberry. The seasoning of a well-cooked steak.

We’re enjoying a new relationship now. One focused on giving me actual feedback on what I’m putting in my mouth instead of just constant sugar satiation that keeps you from doing your full work. And wears the rest of this body out with carrying fat we were never meant to hold.

I want you to be free to enjoy a full range of flavors. Which is why I can’t just bow to your call for sweetness.

You are only one part of us. And you aren’t in charge any more.

Love, Beth’s fearfully and wonderfully made body


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19 thoughts on “A Letter to My Tastebuds (Sugar Sober Series)

  1. Beth,
    I loved this – the playful yet determined tone of your post… and I admire you for cutting sugar out for 31 days…I’ve read so much about how sugar inflames the body etc…so good for you!

    • Playful, yet determined. I love that description of my journey. Thanks, Dolly.

  2. ambercadenas

    Wow. This is delightful, honestly – and downright powerful. This recovery process seems to involve a fair share of paradigm shifts, and you are putting them not only into clear and eloquent words, but also into practice. Way to go, friend.

    • Oh, yes, Amber. I’m just shifting all over the place!

  3. Way to go Beth! You are winning this battle. It is so hard. I promise you it gets easier and then even your taste buds will thank you! Woo Hoo! Blessings!

    • Thank you, Deb! I can’t wait for my taste buds to be happy with me again! : )

      • Hey JLO!!!Yeah, I don’t mean to imply that one party has a monopoly on incompetence. Yet I think the current adinristmation displays it to a truly exceptional degree.I’m not insisting my friends agree with me on this point, but if you’re curious as to my reasons, the article I linked to in this post outlines the situation pretty well.

  4. I LOVE this: “You don’t get to be in charge any more.”!!! I feel so much better than I did last month and THAT is the thought I want to hold onto 🙂

    • That’s so great, Sarah. I can’t wait to start feeling better. So far it’s just been cold and flu. But you give me hope!

  5. So many things that want to be the boss of us. Good job speaking some true words to yourself. Thanks for sharing your heart here.

    • Some of the things that we let control us seem pretty silly when we break it down all the way to letting tastebuds rule my life, huh? The realization makes it easy to let it go, though.

  6. Hope those tastebuds get the message. They can be stubborn. Mine also scream for *salty*…

    Taming the tongue – not just in our words, huh?!


    • You’re so right, Sharon. Taming to tongue … gives new meaning to these verses, doesn’t it?!? Thank you for that perspective. The tongue was never meant to rule us, either in word or in taste.

  7. Hi, Beth! Love this post! I’m another 31 Dayer and just found your blog today, so this is the first post in your series that I’ve read. I’m on a no sugar journey, too, and am looking forward to starting your series from the beginning. I’ve kicked the sugar habit before, so I know it’s doable. I just fell off the wagon, but I’m back on. I’m much more aware of the sweetness in simple real foods like fruit. Hard to stick with this, but sooo worth it!

    • Our stories sound very similar, Donna. I’m glad our paths have crossed.

  8. Hi Beth! We seem to be on the same journey. My husband and I started South Beach about three weeks ago. There is no sugar the first two weeks. Now I can have a fruit each day. I have to say, my body is so relieved to not have so much sugar in it! And I used to down a lot of it.

    If my pancreas could talk, it would say “Phew! Finally a vacation!”
    Best of blessings on your walk.
    From Chronicles of Grace,

    • The body does start giving positive feedback quickly sometimes, huh? What a relief!

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