A Baptism of Sorts (a poem)

Trees and Branches and Roots
Rocks and Stones and the Cool side of things
Shade or Shadow?
Does it have to be one or the other?
Maybe it’s both
Maybe that’s the way of things
Water and Ripples and Streams
that ebb AND flow
rain down AND evaporate up.

My feet dipped in
Connecting me forever
to all the places those drops have ever been
And will ever go
Over all the rocks. Through all the leaves.
All the roots. All the trees.

The rocks and trees cry out.
Why should their hallelujah be louder than my own?
May I hear more clearly their worship song.
And harmonize.

1 thought on “A Baptism of Sorts (a poem)

  1. Sharon

    Your poetry always speaks to me. May God help me celebrate in both the ebb and flow…


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